Conditions Of Sale

1. Please read this contract carefully and ensure that it contains all the necessary information, and nothing that has not been agreed to​​​​​​

2. The company will use every endeavour to comply with or improve upon any requested delivery date.

3. After signing the contract we will carry out a survey within 10 days, or as agreed. In the event of an unsatisfactory survey report, we reserve the right to cancel the contract after having given you a full written explanation. If we offer to complete the contract at a revised price, you may accept this offer, or you may cancel the contract. If the contract is cancelled after an unsatisfactory survey, we will refund any money already paid by you. If further structural defects become apparent during installation, you may have to pay for any extra costs incurred. This will be limited to the extra cost arising from the newly discovered defects, and it will only apply if the defects could not have reasonably been found during the survey. If you are in any doubt, you may wish to arrange your own structural survey.​​​​​​​

4. Customers must store valuables and fragile items safely away from the work area. In most cases, some damage to tiles, stucco and decoration is inevitable.​​​​​​​

5. The company will indicate the prevailing rate of VAT on the order.​​​​​

6. All rubbish ie. old window frames, doors etc will be removed from site, free of charge by the installers.

7. We make every effort to supply glass of first class condition, however, as a result of the normal glass manufacturing process, some minor imperfections are unavoidable. We adhere to the Glass & Glazing Federations standards.​​​​​​​​​

8. The company cannot guarantee that condensation, if any can be eliminated or reduced by the installation of its products, nor accept liability for condensation appearing after such installation, where before it was not visible. The company does guarantee no condensation between the two panes of glass in the sealed unit cavity for a period of 10 years. ​​​

9. If we are contracted to repair a stucco / render finish to the external face of the installation, we will endeavour to match to the best of our ability, however, we cannot guarantee a perfect match. We leave repaired stucco / render ready for re-painting- we do not undertake any painting ourselves. 

10. The customer is responsible for the removal and any subsequent re-fitting of any blinds / curtains or nets in the area of the installation. ​​​​​                                 

11. The customer is responsible for the removal and any subsequent re-fitting of burglar alarm sensors. Our installers will endeavour to re-fit door alarm sensors, but we cannot be held responsible if wooden door alarm sensors do not fit onto you new PVCU products. Our installers will endeavour to re-site any TV aerials, telephone wires and boxes and bell pushes.

12. The customer is required by Gas Safe to ensure that all new products that we install adhere to current gas safety legislation. Our sales representative will endeavour to include in the contract price any measures that will have to be taken by the company to comply with the regulations. If, however, at survey any additional measures are found to be required, the cost of these will have to be met by the customer.

13. In addition to your statutory rights, we offer the following guarantee: The company shall guarantee, after full payment of monies due, for a period of 10 years to replace without charge any faulty hardware, or discoloured PVCU, where such fault is due to defective materials, other than glass or construction work, providing that written notice of any claim is given within the guarantee period.

Terms Last Updated: 13th December 2021