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Meet the Team! (Part 2)

Posted by Sally Roberts on 2nd May 2019 in Conservatories/Orangeries |
Our subject for today's Meet the Team is our infamous Sales Director Richard Deeping! Known throughout Leicestershire for a catalogue of different activities, Richard started selling for Len and Muriel many years ago and it wasn't long before he and MD Sally had brought the business and were running it for themselves. Look out for Richard's son Spencer and wife Jane in future Meet the Teams! What skill would you like to master? I'd like to be able to do joinery, or maybe plastering. What would be your first question after waking up from being cryogenically frozen for 100 years? Is my wife still here?! Would you rather be able to see...

What Is A Casement Window?

Posted by Sally Roberts on 14th July 2021 in Blogging |
  What Is A Casement Window And What Are They Used For? Casement windows are the most popular type of window in the UK and come in a range of styles to suit any home. Double-glazed casement windows are easy to install, convenient to maintain, airtight, and secure, providing excellent value for money. In this article, we run through the main features and advantages of casement windows, and how they compare to alternative window styles.    What are casement windows? Casement windows provide effective ventilation for any room using an easy-open top or side-mounted hinge. The four types of casement window are:   1) Top-opening, or awning windows –...

What Is The Difference Between An Orangery And A Conservatory?

Posted by Sally Roberts on 14th July 2021 in Blogging |
    Orangeries and conservatories make gorgeous additions to a home; sun drenched rooms that can be enjoyed throughout the year, and a great way of adding value to a property, too. Most people are familiar with a conservatory and what it looks like, but what is an orangery, and what is the difference between a conservatory and an orangery? Both are predominantly glass-based rooms built to adjoin the main home, but there are a few differences worth considering. In this article, we explain the differences between orangeries and conservatories, and the pros and cons of each, as a quick guide for people considering investing in one of these wonderful structur...

Composite Doors Vs UPVC Doors - The Pros and Cons of Each

Posted by Sally Roberts on 14th July 2021 in Blogging |
    In this article, we will cover front doors. As the main entranceway to your home, choosing a replacement front door is a big decision; one that must consider security, durability, and ease of access, as well as aesthetic appearance. Of all the options available, composite doors and UPVC doors are the most versatile, long lasting, and cost-effective – with pure timber doors rarely used these days. Let’s start by explaining what each type of door is, before looking at the pros and cons of each. Composite doors Composite front doors are made from a thermally efficient and secure high density foam core, coated with a thick layer of waterproof glas...

Bifold Doors Vs Sliding Doors – Which Should You Pick & Why?

Posted by Sally Roberts on 14th July 2021 in Blogging |
    Bifold doors and sliding doors (also known as in line sliding patio doors or 2,3 or 4 pane sliders) are tall, fully glazed doorways available in upvc or more popular nowadays, aluminium. They are usually positioned to allow access to the garden or conservatory. Both types of doors are perfect for letting light and warmth into the house, and for creating a seamless transition between home and garden, so the bifold versus sliding doors choice is mostly one of personal preference. Both types of doors create a good connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, provide plenty of beautiful natural light, and come in a range of modern styles. They both oper...

Composite Windows Vs UPVC Windows: What Are The Differences?

Posted by Sally Roberts on 2nd September 2021 in Blogging |
When you’re choosing new windows for your home, it can be confusing to select from an array of styles, materials, features, environmental benefits, and costs. In general, most homeowners crave windows that help to keep the heat in and the cold and noise out, while maintaining excellent aesthetics – and, of course, at the best value!     You’ll almost certainly have heard of uPVC windows – the nation’s go-to for replacement double glazing. However, composite windows are also a viable choice for many homeowners, so what is the difference between composite and uPVC windows? uPVC Windows uPVC – unplasticised polyvinyl chloride – is a type o...
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