Why You Should Consider Home Improvements To Rejuvenate Your Home

Home improvements can breathe new life into a property, and there can be a range of personal benefits too. Today, we look at the best ways to fill your home with new energy, with a particular focus on making your home a relaxing place to work from. 



 The Home Office

Being stuck at home for months on end during the pandemic caused a revolution in home investment. Suddenly, lockdown gave people time to tackle many of those problems, ideas, and plans to make homes and gardens more comfortable, spacious, and productive. 48% of us made changes to our houses during lockdown, and 26% of us are continuing to use those spaces to work, even after the end of official restrictions. Having a place that is tailor made for health, well-being, and efficiency has never been more important. 

The Trending Home Improvements

During the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, many people donned a pair of gardening gloves and got planting. 60% of people used their garden at least once per day, and a survey by Natural England found that 46% of people were developing a greater interest in nature and the outdoors. Now that the world is settling down into something similar to normality, both the government and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) are keen for this to continue, which is mostly because gardens and nature are scientifically linked to well-being. 

Making The Most of a UK Garden

The UK’s unique weather system may make for fertile soils and green and pleasant pastures, but grey skies and cloudy days require a bit of planning. One of the best ways to beat the weather is by bringing the garden into the home with bi-folding or Upvc patio doors. With this highly insulated approach, the garden can be showcased at its best, whatever the weather. 

Making Space

If you’re enjoying working from home, it’s a great opportunity to make an idyllic office. Studies repeatedly show that plants and nature improve productivity, efficiency, and morale. A conservatory or orangery can easily create a space that feels relaxed, organic, and private, while giving you an enviable Zoom backdrop. The trend is so popular that it can significantly increase property values in many cases, showing that the benefits of conservatories and orangeries go well beyond improving concentration, emotions, and mood. 

Bringing The Office Indoors

At Harvey’s we have a range of options designed to enhance well-being. For instance, we offer conservatories and orangeries with either solid or high-performance glass roofs, and these are available in a variety of finishes. If you’re not sure where to begin, the first step is to pick up the phone and get the ideas flowing. You can count on us. Relax… you’re with Harveys.

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Image Source: Unsplash