What Is The Best Door Type For Security and Energy Efficiency?

The function of a door is primarily to ensure your property is secure and able to resist the efforts of intruders to gain access to your home. However, with concerns about climate change escalating and the need for homeowners to reduce their energy consumption, it’s more important than ever that doors lock the warmth in and keep the cold out.


The style of door is also a key consideration, as you’ll want to choose a door that complements the design and age of your home and local area. A Victorian detached property and a modern townhouse, for example, probably deserve contrasting styles of doors, even if security and energy efficiency are the homeowners’ priorities.

At Harveys Windows, we install a wide range of attractive modern and traditionally styled doors, all of which offer exceptional security and energy efficiency.


Composite Doors

Not only do composite doors offer excellent security, energy efficiency, and durability, they are also offered at an amazing starting price of £1000 at Harveys. Resistant to the worst of the elements, composite doors feature a durable high density foam or wooden internal core with a weatherproof polymer or resin skin, robust locking system, and superior thermal and acoustic insulation.


Sliding and French Doors

Sliding and French doors are the go-to choice when you want to take advantage of the pleasant views over your back garden, without compromising on the security of your home. Constructed from strong double or triple glazed glass and firmly anchored to their frames and runners, these attractive glass doors allow precious light into the home while keeping intruders, the cold, and unwanted noise out!


Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are a stunning addition to any property; opening and closing with a sliding motion, with inward folding panels so that you can enjoy the maximum opening space with minimal fuss. Bifold doors feature a unique locking system and are particularly suitable for conservatories, orangeries, or extensions.


Harveys Windows: Delivering Exceptional Security

At Harveys Windows, all our doors feature the latest security devices and features to protect your home from unwanted intruders:

The Secured by Design (SBD) scheme is operated on behalf of UK police to demonstrate when doors meet rigorous security standards. Tested independently by a registered body, the doors must prove they can resist the techniques a burglar would use to try to gain entry to a property.

Several British Standards apply to doors to ensure they meet a minimum specification for security. For example, PAS 24 ensures a door and frame set can withstand manual and mechanical tests that an intruder may use to force entry, while BS 3621 demonstrates that a lock is of good, theft-resistant standard.

Some of our doors also feature SMART technology, such as the Kubu system which monitors in real-time if the door is locked or unlocked, keeping the homeowner fully informed at all times.


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Image Source: Pixabay