Top 5 Benefits Of Bifolding Doors

Hiding behind every bifolding door is a huge range of benefits. Here are the top five benefits, as chosen by our customers.



1) Surprising Health Benefits

Natural light offers a dazzling array of health benefits. Natural light gives the body Vitamin D, which supports bone metabolism, cardiovascular health, and better immunity. Light is also vital for maintaining the circadian rhythm – the sleep cycle – which controls the production of melatonin, and which is closely linked to mental wellbeing. Doctors recommend a daily dose of 30 minutes of sunlight to treat a range of problems from depression to anxiety, and bifolding doors are one way to make sure that you and your family are getting enough.

2) Improve Productivity

Whether it’s finding the energy to keep a household going, working from home, or enhancing an office space, it has been scientifically proven that sunlight improves well-being. Research shows that people are more efficient, more productive, and happier when they are in an area that is flooded with sunlight. Fresh air and plenty of plants also help, so large areas of glass are an ideal way to let nature’s natural energy boost your performance.

3) Expand The Space

Many homes could benefit from a little more space, and bifolding doors are a great way to discretely achieve this. Bifolding doors retreat into a compact space, which can open up extra floor area in smaller properties. They can also open straight into the garden, instantly increasing the size of the space. This practical expansion technique is combined with ease of maintenance, offering one of the most cost-effective and simple ways to make a home feel bigger.

4) Stylish Design

Today’s bifolding doors are highly versatile in their design and finish. Whether your dream is for a sleek modern look, antique elegance, or something entirely bespoke, bifolding doors can be manufactured to enhance your vibe. At Harvey’s Windows, we have an option to suit every taste, starting from £2,900, and a team of friendly professionals who can offer style advice. If the idea of connecting with sunlight and nature appeals to you, it’s worth taking a look at what’s available.

5) Excellent Security

The idea that bifolding doors are vulnerable is a myth. The locking mechanisms are actually spread over a much wider area when compared to a traditional door or window, and this makes for a stronger and more resilient structure. Glazing is also both reinforced and carefully enclosed inside robust frames, making the doors virtually shatter-proof. If you’re using bifolding doors or windows that are more than 20 years old, it’s worth talking to our team about our latest security upgrades.

What Next?

Bifolding doors can transform a space, and the health and wellbeing benefits can be considerable. When it comes to bifolding doors, relax… you’re with Harveys.  

*Prices mentioned may be subject to change depending on the date of article publishing*