5 Security Benefits Of Casement UPVC Windows

With over 266,000 burglaries recorded in England and Wales so far in 2022, burglaries have been high on the UK media agenda in recent months. It is clear that homeowners need to take stringent measures to safeguard their property. The consequences of a burglary are not limited to the loss of valuable or sentimental possessions: isolation, anger, fear, and mistrust of the community are common side effects that can significantly restrict a homeowner’s ability to enjoy their normal daily life.

When ensuring your home is as secure as possible, attention should be given to the quality of your casement windows. Outdated windows may offer poor security and pose little challenge to a determined criminal, so changing the frames could be a worthwhile and reassuring investment when upgrading your home security.

Why Casement uPVC Windows Boost Home Security

The importance of home window security should not be underestimated. First-floor windows, for example, are the second most common entry point in successful burglaries (23 per cent of burglars gain access to a property in this way).

Are uPVC windows secure? In fact, they are one of the most secure types of windows available, for the following reasons:

  • Internal Beading

    Older casement windows were designed with beading on the outside, so it took only minimal effort for a burglar to prise this off to gain access through the window – sometimes, in less than 30 seconds. Modern uPVC windows feature internal beading, so there is no way an intruder could crank the window from the outside.

  • Durable And Resilient

    Although lightweight and economical to install, uPVC casement windows are constructed from a durable and resilient material that is incredibly difficult to break. Reinforcement with steel or uPVC inserts adds an important degree of toughness that will further hamper the efforts of the most determined burglar.

  • Strong Locking Mechanisms

    uPVC window locks are versatile and strong, giving homeowners peace of mind that entry into their property will be difficult to achieve. A range of security upgrades are also available: smart security solutions, such as KUBU sensors, monitor the status of casement windows and automatically alert the homeowner if they are unlocked.

  • Quieter And Warmer

    Casement uPVC windows are double or triple-glazed, keeping the family home quiet, safe, and warm. When windows are replaced, any pre-existing gaps or air holes will be sealed, minimising heat loss and insulating against the ingress of external noise.

  • Outstanding Fire Protection

    Of course, burglars are not the only intruders that can threaten your peaceful home life. uPVC windows are designed to offer maximum protection against fire, with egress hinges that make a rapid evacuation possible if a fire breaks out. All modern windows are subjected to strict testing to ensure they are safe – keep a look out for Secure by Design certification and compliance with Approved Document Q.

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